Meet the Support Team

Larry Phillips

Larry has been with LSSI since 2002. He started his career serving in the United States Marine Corp as an Aviation Radio Repairman. Larry has 40 years of experience providing data link and communications support to the US military. He has worked with the USAF at Elmendorf, Alaska, US Army AMDPCS Huntsville, AL and Ft. Bliss, TX, and Joint Services around the world. Larry was on the Joint Range Extension BLOS MIL-STD 3011 development team as well as providing Link 16 Network Design support. He currently supports PATRIOT Interoperability testing at Huntsville, AL and WSMR, New Mexico.  

Robert Orfield
Chief Operations Officer

Robert Orfield has been with LSSI since 2003 holding multiple hats (COO, FSO, Assistant FSO, Information Specialist, PM and Contracts Manager). Robert Orfield also concurrently works as a communication specialist for the THAAD project. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management with an emphasis in IT. Before joining LSSI, he worked in communications at Sigmatech and US Army. He has over 26 years in signal communications and over 20 years in leadership experience.

Susie Eads

Susie has been with LSSI since 2004.  She is a native of Gadsden, AL and received her B.S. Degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama. Her journey as an accountant led her through employment with CPA firms in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. Prior to coming to LSSI, she worked for a physical therapy company in Huntsville, AL. Her background also includes owning her own part-time business as a photographer and beach wedding planner.

Misty Enabnit
Contracts Manager/ Facility Security Officer (FSO)

Misty has been with LSSI since 2006. She received her B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Alabama at Huntsville and her MBA from Auburn. She began her career as an Army Contractor in 1996 when she joined Mevatec (now BAE Systems) after college.  She supported a variety of test activities there and served as a Senior Systems Analyst for Air and Missile Defense Interoperability until beginning her journey with LSSI.   

Loren Fuller
Contracts Manager

Loren has been with LSSI since 2021. She received her B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She began her career as a mechanical engineer for NASA supporting several organizations, including the Welding and Manufacturing team, until beginning her journey with LSSI.

Amanda House
Human Resources Officer

Amanda has been with LSSI since 2022. She received her B.S. Degree in Business Management from Jacksonville State University. Amanda’s HR journey has led her through employment in the retail and security industries, with her career in the Aerospace & Defense industry beginning in 2006.