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LSSI fundamental expertise lies in three primary areas: Programmatic, Field Service Support/Engineering, Simulation and Modeling, and Software Development/Testing.


LSSI Provides full spectrum programmatic support to Program Offices and directorates under PEO Missile and Space and AMRDEC. The support includes assistance with business process re-engineering, project management, management of technology maturation, cost accounting, and assistance with contract execution. LSSI programmatic employees are leaders in their respective fields, many with over 30 years experience. 

Simulation and Modeling

LSSI provides extensive Modeling and Simulation (M&S) experience across a broad spectrum of weapon systems in both the air defense and ballistic missile defense arenas. The company’s core focus is on modeling the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (AIAMD) capability including sensor, shooter, communication, and battle command elements and on providing detailed analysis of the end-to-end system performance for different concepts and architectures under consideration. LSSI develops non-real-time, constructive models of the individual elements and integrates them, along with other external models, using an HLA-based infrastructure across a distributed, heterogeneous (Linux and Windows) computing environment. LSSI’s analysis capabilities include the development of tools, scripts, spreadsheets, and relational database queries to refine the large quantities of data generated during experiment execution. LSSI provides system engineering expertise on many AIAMD topics with specialization in the area of battle management.

Field Service Support/Engineering

LSSI provides onsite expertise for exercise and real world operations. LSSI support consists of pre-coordination/development/planning prior to mission execution, tactical data link configuration/implementation/troubleshooting, configuration control/management, site operations, and  assistance/training to the soldiers they are attached to.


Software Development/Testing Services

LSSI provides assistance in Software development in the realm of sensor registration, algorithm development and simulation/modeling. LSSI analytical and testing services are provided to various Air Defense customers in various tests to include Joint Interoperability tests, Software Verification tests, hardware experimental and verification tests, and various flight tests. LSSI core knowledge resides in Patriot, THAAD, ANDF, and  IAMD Shelters. LSSI employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge in various MIL Standards such as 3011 and 6016 that allow them to leaders in their fields.